Welcome to the new HEAT blog. Here is where you will learn more about what’s in the heart of HEAT. The HEAT blog will highlight our donors, recipients, volunteers and our staff. HEAT will share important information on energy, events, show how your donations are shared with the community, discuss our goals, aspirations, relevant news, and provide resources and much more.

HEAT asks that you come back often to read new blog posts. Feel free to leave comments and share with us. We look forward to being a source of information and inspiration so we can continue to deliver real impact to Georgians in need. To date, we have distributed $25.5, served 100,000 households, warmed 250,000 people for 36 winters. Help HEAT continue to keep Georgians warm and safe.

Happy reading!

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  1. I’m very excited about this new blog! I can’t wait to read HEAT’s upcoming posts!


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