This winter, thousands of less fortunate Georgia residents in your county and perhaps even in your neighborhood will need help paying their heating bills.You can make a difference in their lives by donating to the Heating Energy Assistance Team, Inc. (H.E.A.T.), a nonprofit organization that helps Georgia families in need meet the cost of home heating.

How can you help? By donating as little as $5 to this winter's campaign, you can help families stay warm.The money you contribute will provide direct assistance to those who need it.

How are the funds administered? All the money donated to H.E.A.T. is distributed by the Georgia Department of Human Services. H.E.A.T. has distributed nearly $21 million to more than 90,000 families over the past 30 years.The need is always greater than the funds available, so it is critical to help as many families as possible.

Arthur’s reduced income forced him to sell his car and seek help to cover his living expenses. H.E.A.T. helped him in his time of need.

Sherry endured many medical obstacles in her life. H.E.A.T. helped her get through a tough time.

Shonda has been drug free for nearly a decade and is working while going to college. H.E.A.T. provided her assistance during a difficult time in her life.

Keji’s life was fine until she lost two of her home health care clients. H.E.A.T. helped her keep the heat on for her family when she needed it most.