H.E.A.T. Fund Eligibility Criteria

Qualified households must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to apply for energy assistance:

  1. Total gross yearly household income is at or below 60% of Georgia's median income level.
    • $21,356 for a one-person household
    • $27,927 for a two-person household
    • $34,498 for a three-person household
    • $41,069 for a four-person household
    • $47,640 for a five-person household
    • $54,211 for a six-person household
    • $55,443 for a seven-person household
    • $56,675 for an eight-person household
  2. Household has a member who is responsible for paying the heating bills.

  3. The person making the application is a U.S. citizen, qualified alien or permanent resident.

  4. Applicant has received a disconnection notice or needs to restore service (must provide verification). Energy assistance is provided within 48 hours after eligible household applies and within 18 hours for households with an individual in a life-threatening situation. If a life-threatening situation exists, the applicant must present at the time of application a medical statement or verification of the medical condition by an approved medical staff person.